[2 Nov. 1954]

My Dear Esther:

I heard two good stories yesterday from my bank manager at Yonge & Bloor.

A group of doctors arrived at the Pearly gates and demanded that St. Peter let them in. The Saint replied that there was no need of doctors 'up there.' They departed, but one returned with the claim that he had done nothing but good while on earth and he didn't see why he should be rejected. Peter replied – 'Just what is your specialty?' Answer – 'I am a psychiatrist.' 'Oh,' said Peter – 'mental eh?' 'Yes.' 'Well I think we can make use of a psychiatrist here.' He whispered into his ear, 'Do you know that we have had a little trouble with God recently. He has got the idea that he is George Drew. Come in.'

The other story I heard in Newfoundland when I was down there a year ago. A friend of my brother Cal, named McIntyre, was quite fond of bridge but he couldn't stand the chatter from his friends at the game. It was about the time that radio sets were being installed in Nfld, and McIntyre had to listen to the boasts of his three friends which infuriated him.

  1. I turned on the dial last night and got New York.

  2. I turned on mine and got San Francisco.

  3. I turned on mine and got London, England.

Mac jumped up from the table, flung his cards down and left the room grumbling – 'I turned my ass to the open window last night and got Chile.'

Our love to you. Vi is well, and the rest of the news you can get from Earle.

Little Neddie

P.S. As we shall be in New York a lot, any message you and Earle send should be addressed to Victoria College as mail will be forwarded from there. The house at 47 will be mostly unoccupied

Unidentified. When Pratt told the same story in a previous letter to the Birneys (5 February 1954) the protagonist was Sir Tasker Cook.

mostly unoccupied
The house was actually unoccupied only a few days, when his one visit to New York in November briefly overlapped with a visit there by Viola.