47 Glencairn Avenue
Thursday am [late Oct. 1954]

Dearie Claire:

I am sending this line to you though mother said she was doing the same this morning, but as you remarked once that two of us should write at the same time because our slants were different, so here goes. I have another story about Presbyterians which I heard yesterday at Emmanuel College. I had just finished [telling] Bill Fennell the one I told you when he added his own.

'A young couple were going to be married but tragically they were killed in an air crash just on the eve of the wedding. They went to the Pearly Gates and saw Saint Peter to ask him if they could be married in heaven. The conversation was something like this: –

Saint Peter – "Well!" "Welcome what do you want?"

George – (the prospective groom) "Mamie and I want to get married in heaven as we couldn't get it done on earth."

Peter – "Quite unorthodox. Very unusual. This needs special consideration. Come back in two or three days and I'll talk to you."

(They come back.)

Peter – "Since this is a very important point without precedent, I think you ought to give it a hoist for two or three weeks and reflect on it very seriously."

(They return.)

George – "Well, any news?"

Peter – "No, I have consulted several dictionaries and encyclopedias and I find nothing to warrant it. But still, come back in two or three months and I may have something."

(They return.)

Peter – "I have yet to consult some authorities though all I have consulted make no mention of it. So you see it is most serious. Come back in two or three years."

(They return in that time.)

George – "See here Pete, first it was two or three days, then two or three weeks, then two or three months, then it was two or three years. What about it you red-faced Irishman?"

Peter – "Well you see, it is this way, you are a Presbyterian and I have not been able to locate a Presbyterian minister in these parts. They are all elsewhere. Go then and join their company."'

Another story when I get one.


Bill Fennell
Possibly Robert Fennell.