47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12 Ont.
Oct. 29, 1954

Dearest Claire:

Your letter just came – the one written last Tuesday – so we were glad that your penmanship didn't suffer from the cast. That you can write at all is a blessing. I have just written a note to Henry Wells in answer to his nice letter. Mother will write Peg answering her breezy and voluminous letter. She must be a whirlwind. Perhaps a later hurricane (which the Lord forbid) will be named after her. What a personality! I shall be glad to see her. I expect to get a room at the Hotel so as to be near you. I have bought my ticket C.P.R. for Wednesday night at 8, getting in about 8 or 9 Thursday morning.

Mother is spending the day at the Wesley Buildings and this evening we are having dinner at the Park Plaza with Murdo MacKinnon who is also inviting as his guests the Fryes and the Alexanders (Queen's).

Did I tell you that Kay Coburn is trying to get an allocation from the J.S. McLean Foundation. I have written Malcolm Wallace and Norman McLean to enlist their support as executors of the estate. The allocation required is $8000.00. She always inquires about you.

I have the old George Locke room as an office though its privacy is somewhat disturbed by the frequent entrance of Edith Honey and her assistants. It seems that all they do is to take a book from a shelf and put it in another position on the same shelf. However, the room is fairly satisfactory.

With much love,

J.S. McLean Foundation
Established by J.S. McLean in 1945 to support the arts, education, health and conservation.