47 Glencairn Ave
Toronto 12
Friday [22 Oct. 1954]

Dearest Claire:

This is just a note to keep you up with the parade.

I have spent most of the morning collecting and classifying papers and manuscripts, long overdue. I have half of them now stowed away in a corner of my bedroom. After putting it off for a month or so I have managed to get some semblance of order in the den.

Last night I had dinner in Kay's Kitchen as mother was out giving her address at the Metropolitan Church. Kay has a tremendous number of Coleridge mss. which she hopes the Library will buy. If it doesn't, I shall drop a line to Malcolm Wallace who is one of the executors of the late J.S. McLean. He left quite a sum for educational purposes.

This afternoon mother and I go to a little party at Macmillans in honour of C.P. Snow and his wife – both authors. Then if Cal is free we shall have dinner with him. He is very much better as I stated before I think.

How are you getting along, dear? We didn't get any letter this morning, so we gather you are in a cast or preparing for it. I hope you will be relatively comfortable. Hosts of friends here are calling up to know how you are. Connie is going to be in New York soon and if you are receiving visitors she will go and see you. Margaret Lacey also phoned.

Good old Shirley – what a friend she is in Boston! Mother wrote her yesterday about the Polio Fund, asking for application forms and whatever is necessary.

We shall be writing every day or so – together or separately.

With love

Coleridge mss.
These manuscripts form the basis of the Samuel Taylor Coleridge Collection at Victoria College.