Oct. 20, '54

Dear Des:

Many thanks for your monograph which reached me yesterday. You were most magnanimous in your paragraph on my work and I also appreciate your criticism wherever it appears.

The whole article is well-balanced, discriminating, and incisively written. I am glad you gave young Reaney a 'leg-up' because there's talent in that fellow. I think he beats the Montreal group as he is not so warped by prejudice. He hasn't their stridency – that 'you must listen to me' sort of thing.

Personally, I haven't written anything worthwhile since the 'Spike' two years ago, mainly because my right eye has played out and is under constant treatment by an oculist. I find it difficult to read.

The College has given me a room to hang my coat and hat up, so to speak. It is nice to be near students even if I don't lecture now. How Anno Domini catches up with one but the inevitable must be accepted with grace.

Incidentally I have learned to realize the difference between a poem written for radio and one meant for publication. You rightly refer to 'They Are Returning' as journalism. It is just that: when I saw it in print I knew that radio success is a different matter from that which attends publication in book form. I see how facile it looks.

Excuse illegibility in this letter of appreciation.

Kindest regards to wife.

Yours warmly,
Ned Pratt

'English-Canadian Poetry, 1944-54,' Culture 15 (1954): 258.