47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12, Ontario
Wednesday [20 Oct. 1954]

Dearest Claire:

I met mother at the Royal York last night. Had dinner with Cal and we both went to the Air Terminal Stop. We couldn't get to Malton as the police would allow only limousines and medical (Red Cross) cars to go on the western highways. Then we went to Cal's room where we telephoned you.

We are just finished breakfast and the dish washing in which I took as usual the more prominent part. I think I have stated this salient fact before if I mistake not.

Mother goes down to dinner at the Metropolitan Church after which she speaks for Mrs Rowell. She is cutting down on future engagements, but she has to do this one because of a promise made long ago.

It was such a relief to know that you had got to N.Y. all right, and that matters at Brainerd were fixed up to your satisfaction. What a time you must have had those few days, with you sleeping on your regular bed and Mother counterpointing with subdued snores on the eiderdown (snores confidential of course).

Two days ago Cal, Clare Hincks and I and Dr Parks had dinner at the York Club to talk over the Toronto Branch of the Mental Health Association of which I am Chairman. Imagine me sitting at the head of the Board saying – 'Now gentlemen, the first thing on the agenda today is ------.'

Parks who is the National Director of the Association told us a story about a Presbyterian woman who was known in her district as a 'sermon-taster.' She went out to church only when a new minister took over. She was asked how she liked the sermon from the new man. Her reply was 'Aw weil, I nae like it, for three reasons – (1) It was a read sermon and I nae like read sermons. (2) It was poorly read at that. (3) It was nae worth reading.'

Enough for now. I hope everything is comfortable darling for you. You are in wonderful hands.


Royal York
Viola had been to visit Claire and help her move from Boston to the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.

Malton Airport, Toronto.

western highways
The area was still suffering the effects of 'Hurricane Hazel' which had swept through Toronto and environs a few days earlier.

Mrs Rowell

74 Brainerd Road, where Claire's apartment in the Boston suburb of Allston had been located.