47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12
Friday [8 Oct. 1954]
11 a.m. just 1 minute
after you phoned


[...] Both of us will go to New York either together or separately later on, depending on circumstances.

Well, the summer is about over now and our York Downs annual dinner next Monday (Thanksgiving) will close the dining room. I may go out to the dinner and bring in my clubs for the year. Most of my friends have left the Club, retired, or in exchange for another such as Lambton and I think that, like Malcolm Wallace, I'll just become a non-playing member but reserving the rights of entertainment at dinner. Malcolm wants me to take up bowling and curling with him. I may do so but it will be a vast difference just watching a curling stone slide down the rink for a mere piffling sixty feet and surveying a golf ball rising in its trajectory straight towards the pin 200 yards away; that is, of course, if a dub doesn't alter the trajectory. I'm optimistic just now.

On Tuesday evening we have Charter Night celebrations. Dinner first then the presentation of prizes. Chancellor Lester Pearson will preside and the speeches will be delivered by the following celebrities in order of executive standing: Art Moore, Hal Bennett, and the punning Archie. You'll be hearing from us again soon. Mother will write tomorrow.

Excuse penmanship as I am writing with a 39 cent pencil-pen.


Approximately 4 lines deleted, presumably by the recipient.

New York
Claire was to enter hospital in New York for surgery and treatment on her spine.

Lambton Golf Club.

Charter Night celebrations
Marking the anniversary of the establishment of Victoria College. See the note to 'Charter Night' in the letter to Claire Pratt, 12 October 1953.