47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12 Ont.
July 14, 1954

Dearest Claire:

This letter is in the form of a memorandum.

  1. [...]

  2. I was delighted to hear your honeyed, husky whispers last night. I conveyed the message to your mother when she came in at 8:30. She was roundly taken to task for being out of the house at the momentous moment – get me?

  3. I was over to see your Uncle Cal this afternoon. He expects to have a corset made in a couple of days. Imagine a corset! – a euphemism for brace. It is supposed to help support the back. I fully expect to hear his old friends call out – 'How do you do Mrs Pratt or Miss Calla Lilly.' He seems in fine fettle, for he devoured six purple plums I brought over in less time than I have taken to record this feat.

  4. He showed me your card with its reference to his 'horizontal' position. In the old days in Newfoundland when we wished to be especially erudite, we used to say 'I'll horizontalize your perpendicularity if you say that again' or 'Perpendicularize your horizontality at once' when we wanted to knock the victim down again.

  5. I washed and dried the dishes today. I expect to be called Anna or Jemima anytime now. I prefer the former. But I will not polish the floor. What's Winnie for anyway.

  6. I am feeling fine again.

  7. Had three cups of coffee tonight for dinner – a mere digression obviously.

  8. I shall soon be hearing about the Mental Health Movement and my participation in it. It will probably be 'making up graces' before meals and proposing toasts – Lor' knows. My condition is that the steaks will be tender and fresh. I shall let you know in due time, realizing your interest in meat.

  9. The York Downs Club has an excellent steward this year. He has promised tables loaded with all the good things on earth and under heaven. The elms are wonderful to look at and be shaded by, and the lounges are just made for us on chilly nights.

  10. This is all for the present.


Approximately 5 lines deleted, presumably by the recipient.