47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto, Ont.
July 2, 1954

Dearest Cakes:

Your letter about Rye Beach, etc., just came. I am sorry that Belor[..]man is giving you so much bother. Can't you get rid of him? Or let his argument slip off your shoulders. He would get my goat and mule too if I had him.

I am spending along some copies of the Stratford reviews. When you have read them you might return them for our future use. Your mother is forwarding others tomorrow when she writes you.

You will be able to make use of this $20 note to cover retroactively your Nantucket trip. I hope you have a good time, not too bustling. By the way your phrase 'geared for the elements' regarding B is a gem – the stuff of which literature is made.

The note enclosed is phosphoric like the last – Perhaps your desk is now fire-proof. There are other notes to follow[?] for your August trip.

Today I received a nice royalty cheque from Macmillans, the reward[?] for[?] anthological inclusions in Bert Diltz's book published by McLennan & Stewart. This amount will be reserved for the York Downs celebration when you come.


phosphoric like the last
Pratt had joked about the heat emanating from a $20 American bill in an earlier letter to Claire, 27 June 1954.

Bert Diltz's book
Bert Case Diltz, Poetic Experience: An Anthology of Poems for Senior Students (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1955).

A misspelling of McClelland.

This amount will be reserved for the York Downs celebration when you come
This sentence is blocked out in the original using white paper. However, the text is legible and has been restored here.