47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12 Ont.
Sunday [27 June 1954]


We have just finished 'brunch,' the result of my late Sunday morning getting up, and partly the result of an anticipated big dinner this evening at the McLuhan's 8 p.m. at the Chaumière on Charles St. East.

The enclosed needs an explanation. I thought I had put all my American money in a box on my return, when yesterday I discovered that this bill had been concealed in my key folder (purse) in my right pocket. For several days I wondered what made that pocket so warm. Was it a burning match? Or the sun's rays shining on my right side, for the temperature was 92°, almost equal to that of the home of the bean and the cod? No, it was indeed a twentier wedged in between the house key and the office key. I was beginning to speculate upon the nature of spontaneous conflagration and thought I had made a scientific discovery of the first magnitude. Well, here it is – sufficient, I hope, to defray most of the expenses of Nantucket.

By now you will be at Rye Beach. Give my warmest regards to the girls despite the fact that you will have returned by the time you receive this letter. What a paradox!

Today is sunny and cool – about 70 compared with yesterday's 84. Our church is closed up for the summer. A disastrous disappointment to me naturally, as my piety suffers when I don't get my regular doses of clerical intonations, etc. etc. etc. But still, I shall recover I guess.

I have resumed my dish-washing and drying and hanging out clothes. I am told on the highest feminine authority that my housekeeping is 99% perfect. Winnie does the other work Tuesday while your mother writes the life of Banting. It's a dog's life to be sure.

Brockington has at last consented to make a ten-minute speech at the World Congress in Toronto of the Mental Health Movement in August. I have to arrange for dinners and lunches and offer grace. It will be the third week. I have tickets for the Stratford Festival for you and others on Wednesday the 11th and I am planning for the shade of the elms at York Downs for you and your friends anytime during the whole month. The meals will be almost as good as the Statler's.

Well, use up this enclosure for your convenience and comfort.

Much love,

Rye Beach
In nearby New Hampshire.