Thursday [24 June 1954]
47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12 Ont.


We telephoned last night just to tell you that I got in all right without any roomette cramps.

Now I am down at the office cleaning up some correspondence. Tonight we are going down to the Art Club to meet 'celebrities.' I asked Vida Peene who they were and she said it was a secret which couldn't be revealed – probably the Stratford group – at least that's my guess.

Mother is down at the Missionary Board all day – the regular June meeting – a bore in my opinion.

I am bringing home two volumes of Osler's Life for her to gather her material. The Banting account was most dramatic as you may imagine and she has it half done. Osler will be interesting of course, but Penfield, though he is a great neuro-surgeon, will be more difficult as the stuff is so technical.

It was most delightful to be with you for four days. It was one of the happiest short holidays I ever had. I suppose you have your fan by now. The weather in Toronto was only 4° less than Boston and today it is slightly over 80°. Make certain you get a portable and easily handled fan so you can turn it on the chesterfield when you are taking your siesta.

Is your hand getting better? I hope it isn't giving you any trouble.

So you are going by car and boat to Nantucket. I trust everything will be smooth and convenient in spite of the 4th of July. Say 'hello' to Melville and Moby Dick for me. I think there is a jaw bone of a cachalot in one room of the museum, and a presentation of Melville's photograph (by his daughter) in another room. If you find conditions satisfactory, paint or draw one tooth and I'll compare it with the one I have when you come up. It may not be as beautiful as your shell, but a very dramatic subject. Just imagine thirty-six of them getting around a whaleboat in a fight.

My best respects to all the friends you introduced me to and my love to you.


gather her material
Viola was writing a book on three celebrated Canadian physicians. The book, Famous Doctors: Canadian Portraits, was published by Clarke Irwin & Company in 1956.