47 Glencairn Ave
Toronto 12 Ont
Monday [14 June 1954]


I am going down this morning to get my C.P.R. return fare. I think the train leaves in late afternoon. I'm not quite sure. I shall leave on Thursday the 17th getting in sometime on Friday morning. I shall take a taxi to the Bellevue Hotel. Will you get me a room from Friday to Monday night. As I shall leave on the Friday afternoon (or evening?) train that means 4 nights at the Bellevue.

Now I want to put on two good dinners for you at the Bellevue. Ask two or three of your friends to it. I see that Jane has fixed up Saturday, so my invitations are for Friday, Sunday, & Monday – whatever two agree with your plans. If the Bushes can come, fine! Never mind the Havelocks this time. Perhaps on our next trip. We might go to Ah Wilderness after one dinner or supper.

It will be lovely just to see you. I do want to do some entertaining on my own, as the B.B.C. has also taken a recorded broadcast and I'd like to spend that amount.


I expect to hear the Creation and the Missa Brevis telepathically. Something tells me my chords are going to vibrate in response. As Mother is writing now, I shall post the two letters together.

With much love,

Ah Wilderness
A play by the American playwright Eugene O'Neill.

Approximately 3 lines deleted, presumably by the recipient.