47 Glencairn Ave
Toronto 12, Ont. Canada
4 p.m. in the shade of the maples,
writing on this pad which is
supported by a board.
Temperature 88° with the promise
of cooler tomorrow!!
So help me!! [11 June 1954]


We are indeed having a run of hot weather, 85° and the coolest place is at 47 with a breeze. Mother is inside reading the Star having come back from a futile effort to negotiate a building for the U.W. Club. Bob Fennell wanted $90,000 for his house, which would have to be enlarged in any case.

Tonight we go down to the Royal York to join a party which the Bannermans are giving in connection with the Trade Fair.

We phoned Pash yesterday to see if she and Marion would be going through Boston on their trip which will begin early next week. Pash said if they go through Boston she will take a carpet for you, so you will not have to buy one. We are going also to suggest that she take along that little folding table. It depends of course upon the car space. We hope she can do it, as the table is most convenient.

I am bringing Dr Coleman's picture of Marjorie Pickthall's house. It will go into my suitcase all right.

This morning we went to the funeral of Mina Brown. She had been sick for several months. It was sad to see Walter looking so feeble and strained. Their son MacRae and his wife, and the sister were there. The burial is taking place at Lakefield, the home of the Browns. Walter, nevertheless, is better than he was two years ago. He can talk now in sentences whereas [at] first he had to pause between words. He is also hearing better.

Excuse this incredible penmanship: the board is so shaky, and I am writing with a 39 cent pen.

Hurrah for next Friday afternoon – Can you make this out?

Father in the shade

The interview yesterday went across tolerably well I think. The CBC is satisfied.

Eventually, the building at 162 St. George Street was extended.

Mina Brown
The wife of Walter T. Brown. He had had a stroke and died later that year.