47 Glencairn Ave
Toronto Ont.
Sunday am. [30 May 1954]

Dearest Claire:

Your newsy letter came yesterday and I am answering it now even though I may give you a ring about 5 p.m. today – just for a chat.

Julia's book certainly has a characteristic title. She must eat, drink and cough murder. 'Made for Murder' undoubtedly will catch the eye of the blasé wayfaring man looking for something to pass the railroad time. It will be difficult for her to surpass the bloody nature of that title for her next. Perhaps 'Damned ye shall be,' or 'give him another shot in the throat, Jock' might serve.

That Belarussian project looks awful. Why don't they give you something exciting?

What a visitor, just as you were sitting down to dinner! Why didn't you hand her some of that dandelion stuff to put her to sleep. If it is on its way to being chloroform you might patent the vile stuff and sell it to hospitals and anaesthetists. There's money in that sort of thing if you knew how to work it. Make certain it is all disposed of by the time we get down to Allston or we'll never get back except on stretchers. I thought I went the limit years ago when I made that fermented grape juice but you have out-played me at my special game. If that widow doesn't use it up, send the rest to Alice.

Mother came back from Hamilton last night after a pleasant and successful trip. X X X Oh, you have just rung up and told us about your car, the Plymouth. We are glad you have a new one because the second class ones do sometimes have defects.

I am sending you the last of the single dollars. How glad I am to get rid of these things.


It is quite likely that I shall spend that week-end with you when Mother goes to Quebec. I shall let you know the exact dates later on.

Well, sweet sleep over
that dandelion.

Julia's book
Julia McGrew wrote the murder mystery Made for Murder (New York: Rhinehart & Company, 1954) with Caroline Fenn under the pseudonym Fenn McGrew.

Belarussian project
In 1954, Belarus was part of the U.S.S.R. The reference is to an editorial job that Claire had been given at Harvard University Press.

The Boston suburb where Claire was now living.

One line deleted, presumably by the recipient.