47 Glencairn Ave
Toronto 12 Ont.
Thursday [27 May 1954]

Dearest Cayke:

I sent off a card last night to state that the W.M.S. had begun their meetings and the big World Friends was exhibited.

Mrs MacLean gave an account of the Special Features of the magazine and she said that among the best she had seen in a long time were the splendid Biblical stories from that 'talented Claire Pratt.' The comment met with applause from the audience – about a few dozen or so. I felt like getting up and shouting 'Sennacherib' but as most of them wouldn't know their bibles despite their missionary training (ha, ha!) I desisted.

I am now at the office answering letters and doing odd jobs. Your mother has gone home and I'll follow in an hour or so. She goes to Hamilton tomorrow to attend a lunch and give an address, staying over night to attend a meeting of the University W. Club, so I shall be alone.

Sometime toward the end of June she goes to Quebec as a Club representative spending three or four days and I may run down to Boston to see you and to fill in that interval. If I go, I shall travel by train, stay over at the Belleview and see a few shows, attend a few dinners with you and discuss the nature of the universe and such minor problems so easy of solution. It would be grand just to see you and perhaps nail up a shelf or two just to show you how straight I can drive a nail.

I haven't played any golf yet mainly because the car is sold and Malcolm Wallace has given the game up altogether. He gets so vexed at his bad drives and high (terrifically high) scores that his wife cannot stand his profanity when he reaches home. I told him to take a good nap when he gets home before he talks golf. If I felt like that after a poor game I'd hide myself in a cow-shed and moo my despondency off.

Last week we had dinner at the Club with the Dalys and the Phelpses – I think I told you – and we told all the stories we could remember. The place is wonderful under the trees. This I guess I never mentioned to you, or did I?

Next week will be easier as the Boards (the two of them) will have finished their business transactions.


Mrs MacLean

Biblical stories
See the note to 'Bible episodes' in the letter to Claire Pratt, 2 March 1954.

King of Assyria who defeated Hezekiah, King of Judah, and laid seige to Jerusalem (2 Kings 18.7-19.37).

or did I?
In fact, he had mentioned it repeatedly. See the letters of 22 and 23 May 1954.

Church boards of which Viola was a lay member.