47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12 Ont.
May 22, 1954


These are the last of the one dollar Simolios though mother has another one which will be sent in the next letter. Thank heaven I am rid of the alien notes. The fervor of this expression springs from the long look of the grocers and butchers which I have mentioned already.

Yesterday there arrived from Jack Kent Cooke a letter expressing gratitude for my help with Saturday Night. I had done nothing but leave my name on the editorial board of three. I hadn't written a word for the paper and I wanted to get off. Instead of that he retained it and sent me a cheque for $600.00 (semi-annual). I was bowled over. I shall pass over from my current account that $400.00 which takes care of the September premium which Miss Elizabeth MacKay (née) so fondly dangles before her roving eyes. I shall simply transfer the premium from my Current to your Savings.

Another nice thing happened yesterday. The B.B.C. asked the C.B.C. for a repetition of my broadcast (poems) and they are paying extra for it. It must have taken on in spite of some elongated S's which made me a bit nervous, though it appears the listeners were not conscious of the siren notes. I thought the reproduction would sound like a dozen fire-reels outside the building and happily it didn't.

We are spending May 24th at York Downs with the Phelpses, Dalys and perhaps with others. Dinner at 7. We are not playing golf so there will be no dubbing or fanning.


By the way, has Uncle Harry Archibald left for Nfld, being fed up with the Boston brand of humour?

Uncle Harry Archibald
See 'Uncle Harry Archibald' in the letter to Claire Pratt, 31 March 1954.