47 Glencairn Ave.
May 17, 1954

Dearest Claire:


We are getting along as usual. Your mother and her friend went out yesterday (Sunday) to a dinner group – about 15 miles from here. I remained in all day browsing and drowsing as always. John Sutherland of the Northern Review (Montreal) has been given a fellowship from the Humanities Research Council to bring out a book on poor me by the end of 1954. He has written for an account of Pauline Eschatology as a background. The world, flesh and the devil, body, soul, spirit, the last Judgment, the division of the goats from the sheep. I say to myself 'Poor fish.' I'd rather be that than a goat anytime.


Approximately 9 lines deleted, presumably by the recipient.

book on poor me
The book, The Poetry of E.J. Pratt: A New Interpretation, was published by Ryerson in 1956.