47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12 Ont.
May 14, 1954


Your cherished letter came just now and as mother is down at the Wesley Buildings I thought I'd write first. How we enjoyed our trip to Boston to see you and your friends! We plan from time to time to take that trip.

Keep that toaster. If it smokes and burns – that's all right with me. You know that I like bread brown with its autumnal tints.

Too bad it rained when your clothes were hanging out. Don't put them on wet.

Last night we went to the annual dinner of the Toronto Branch of the C.A.A. Bill Deacon gave the valedictory address covering forty years of editorial experience. Mazo de la Roche gave the vote of thanks. After that we went to the Deacons' (darn this pen) for a party which lasted till midnight.

The broadcast (15 minutes on Wednesday night) came off all right. Dr Short of our church wrote a lovely letter about the 'Old Eagle' which ended the programme.

Margaret Lacey telephoned to get your address. She is writing you.

With the greatest of love,
Father fingering with a scrawly pen
instead of a typewriter