47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto, Ont.
May 12, 1954

Dear John:

I am glad you got the honorarium and I'll do my best to collect data for you. But two things have gone beyond recall. I have no copy of Demonology or Rachel. The latter is no good anyway. I think I can secure Clay (which was never published – simply typed). I think it is pretty stuffy. Pauline Eschatology is available somewhere and contains much of the material of Demonology. I shall send you the book soon. As it was an academic exercise, I was under imaginative restraint – you know the nature of doctorates.

Best regards to yourself
and Audrey.

Funding to support research for the study that would be published as The Poetry of E.J. Pratt: A New Interpretation (Toronto: Ryerson, 1956).

Demonology or Rachel
'The Demonology of the New Testament in Its Relation to Earlier Developments, and to the Mind of Christ,' Pratt's M.A. thesis (1912). Neither it nor the early, privately printed, Rachel had 'gone beyond recall.' Typescripts of both are in the Pratt archives at Victoria College.

Pauline Eschatology
Studies in Pauline Eschatology and Its Background, Pratt's Ph.D. thesis (1917).