47 Glencairn Ave
May 8, 1954


I must get rid of this chicken feed, as the grocers, butchers and dealers generally look twice at the notes and I have to explain that I have just come from the U.S.A.

There are a few more small ones yet to dispose of.

Uncle Cal is here and will return tomorrow. He may come up tomorrow morning for an hour or so.

Mother is out in the kitchen working at her World Friends and I have just finished putting the artistic touches to various room doors and blinds – if you understand what I mean.

We are going out to a film in an hour – one of Somerset Maugham's stories. The weather has been too bad to go to York Downs but things will brighten up soon I hope.

Tuesday night I have to harangue the University Women's Club at dinner. I think I mentioned this in a recent note to you. Mrs Baker is putting on a reception after the 'performance' at her house, inviting sixty guests. Lor' help me. After so much standing up I'll need to crawl in between the sheets for a week.

Much love,

chicken feed
He has enclosed his American money, left over from his recent trip to visit Claire in Boston.

York Downs
The golf club.

Mrs Baker
Probably the wife of George H. Baker, director (retired) of The Robert Simpson Company. They lived on St. Clair Avenue not far from the Pratts.