47 Glencairn Ave
May 7, 1954

Dear Cakie:


Your card came this morning announcing your cup of coffee. We enjoyed the trip very much and the return voyage was all that could be desired. Pash and Muriel met us at the airport and Pash drove us right here. Service par excellence.

Next week is going to be very busy for the two of us. I have to address the feminine galaxy of the University Club on the Pleiocene Armageddon. I am trying to find some connection of theme. It suggests Amazons though such a thing of course couldn't be further from my mind. They are like a bevy of turtle doves – at least that's how I imagine them before I hear their cooing.

Cal is here for a few days. He spent a few hours with us last evening and may come up again before he goes to Montreal. He looks much better.

We had a letter from Poss who says Lottie is improving. We don't know how long she will stay in Grand Bank, probably until she can be sure that the nurse will continue her work there.

Love from
Uncle Harry Archibald

Approximately 4 lines deleted, presumably by the recipient.

See the letter to Claire Pratt, 25 February 1954.

Possibly Muriel Denison.

Pleiocene Armageddon
'Pleiocene Armageddon' is the subtitle of Pratt's 'The Great Feud,' on which he was to address the University Women's Club.

Lottie is improving
Florence Pratt had gone to stay with her sister Charlotte following the death of her husband. See the letter to Claire Pratt, 29 January 1954.

Uncle Harry Archibald
A joking reference to an uncle to Mary, wife of Calvert Pratt Jr. See mention of 'Uncle Harry Archibald' in the letter to Claire Pratt, 31 March 1954.