47 Glencairn Ave.
April 5, 1954

Cakie dear:

This is the first real fine day we've had since last October. It looks as if spring this time is around the corner peeking at us. I may be wielding a golf club in a couple of weeks.

Chris has finally decided to buy the Chev. He will take it over by the end of April, paying for it at that time, that is when we get back from Boston. I am going down tomorrow to the American Air Lines to get the return reservations – that will be the following Monday, May 3rd. The period will be from Tuesday evening, April 27, to that date. I'll get the schedule from the office on King St. soon.

We spent the afternoon yesterday out at the Normans'. Jimmie called for the four of us – Cal, Poss, Mother and me. Cal is now at the Royal York, improving slowly. His walking is very restricted, but restoration will come gradually. He will spend this week at the Hotel and then he may go to New York and from there to Newfoundland.

Yesterday morning we had the Baccalaureate sermon preached by Dr Pidgeon in the chapel. The graduates of Vic and Emmanuel sat in the front row seats, some of them with vacant faces, wondering, 'Where do we go from here!'

Most lovingly,

Vic and Emmanuel
Victoria College and Emmanuel College, the affiliated theological seminary.