47 Glencairn Ave.
March 31, 1954

Dearest Claire:

I shall begin by referring to your questions and points in your newsy 6-page letter this morning.

  1. Re Stratford. There was some confusion at first in the ads. The final line up is (a) Measure for Measure, (b) The Taming of the Shrew, and (c) Oedipus Rex. Not a very exciting prospect especially since Guiness isn't coming. I think James Mason is on the cards. And I don't like Measure for Measure; never did. It was Knox's decision to out it on the University curriculum. However, I shall try to get tickets and accommodation from an agency.

  2. Yes, I remember Uncle Harry Archibald, a looney if there ever was one. He slept in the next bedroom to mine at the Methodist College Home and used to snore himself hoarse – in fact so hoarse that Holloway (our Principal) could not make out a word from his laryngeal answers. A kindly disposed fellow though!

  3. When do they expect the baby to reach 8 pounds? You say another two months. Yes, I daresay cannibals grow as fast as that.

  4. No, Chris hasn't bought the car yet. He needs more time to decide. Besides he has to take a Canadian Road test. He drove in England but not here.

  5. That hymn is something to remember – what morbidity.

  6. I hope those books or mss on semantics don't get you down.

  7. The Titanic. It is on tonight at 7:30 C.B.C. network. We are having dinner with the Lamberts. R.S.L. is Supervisor of programmes and we'll hear the broadcast on his radio. They are ponying up 100 simolios. I'll let you know when Macmillans collect it for me.

    The University of Syracuse broadcast is local I think. The time hasn't yet been determined. I imagine you won't get it in Boston.

  8. Do the 'animals' at the office bark or bite? What a nest! Perhaps Thomas Mann had such things in mind with that glorious and ineffable effusion on a carcass.

Well, there are the eight points. I shall think of some (between the lines) next time I write.


[sic]. Alec Guinness had played the title role in Shakespeare's Richard III during the first season of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in 1953.

James Mason
James Mason (1909-84), the British-born film star, played the title role in the Stratford Festival's production of Oedipus Rex in 1954.

Reference obscure.

A reference to Claire's work as an editor for Harvard University Press.