47 G. A.
[Toronto, Ont.]
March 25, 1954


I am slipping off this note before I go down to the Royal York with your Uncle Cal for dinner. He is still at the Western Hospital but hopes to get out and spend a couple of weeks at the Hotel, so he can see his business friends.

We are going to discuss the Titanic which is to be broadcast over the CBC network next Wednesday – a week from tonight. Cal is preparing an article for the St John's newspapers in the hope that the Nfld Educational Dept would authorize it as a text or, failing that, authorize an anthology of smaller poems.

The University of Syracuse, N.Y. is also broadcasting it some time in early April.

Well, enough of that! Chris Love is seriously considering buying our Chevrolet. That will be fine for us as we really don't need a car, with Yonge St so near. By the way have you found out what time you can spend in Toronto this summer? I plan to get tickets for some Friday and Saturday (matinee and evening). The Taming of the Shrew is on, and Oedipus and one other. We have to locate lodgings too for two nights.


With love,

We heard from Cal today that Calvert & Mary had you out to dinner. Both are much better.

G. A.
Glencairn Avenue.

Approximately 4 lines deleted, presumably by the recipient.