47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12 Canada
March 15, 1954

Dearest Cakes and buns:


Last night we had supper at the Barfits with Professor and Mrs Walker and the St. Clement's librarian (I have forgotten her name). I didn't know till afterwards that we owed 16 cents for delayed return of a book. If I had known it during the dinner and at the time of my introduction how red would have been my face, even though mother borrowed it and I didn't read it, didn't even know the title.

Next Friday night we go to dinner at the house of Dr Brown, Cal's doctor. It will be the first trip out of doors for him. We shall all taxi over to his Rosedale residence. Cal is improving nicely but naturally will have to go slowly at first.

Tonight I have dinner at Poss's as Mother is out to the Club. Poss has another duck for me. The three of us don't leave a shred on the bones by the time we have finished. I have had so many ducks now that I am beginning to prefer roast chicken (done brown obviously).

Our deepest love and many happy returns.
Father and Mother

Approximately 8 lines deleted, presumably by the recipient.

The Joseph Barfits (or Barfoots) were friends of Viola. Claire Pratt notes, 'Joe had a birthday in late December and there was always a party' (letter to David G. Pitt, 3 August 1987).

St. Clement's
The private school that Claire had attended in the 1930s.

his Rosedale residence
Dr. Brown's.