47 Glencairn Ave
Toronto Ont.
[9 Mar. 1954]

Dearest Cayke:

The dramatization of the Titanic comes off on the Wednesday night programme the last day of March. It was put on for Ontario Schools a month ago by the CBC – Earl Grey players. Now it is to be presented over the entire Canadian network by another group of players.

By the way Joyce Marsden sends her best to you: so does Tommy Goudge who had dinner with me recently. He thinks you are charming and wonderful.

The Stratford Players are putting on the Merchant of Venice some time in July or early August and tickets are being bought up wholesale. Shall I try to get some for the three of us? Let us know the approximate dates of your holiday and then I'll get busy. The first night already sold out mainly by Americans. Lodging may be difficult.

Love Father

The dinner is described in the letter to Claire Pratt, 29 January 1954.