47 Glencairn Ave.
March 2, 1954


This is the second day of March and the month came in like a roaring lion and is still roaring with two inches of snow. But the next month is April anyway.

I am staying in this morning doing correspondence and answering telephones for your mother who has gone down to the Wesley Buildings. Winnie has just come and is sweeping the snow from the front door and the walk.

I suppose your mother told you about the shindig we put on for Art and Lal. There were about fifty in all Saturday afternoon, and on Sunday the four of us had midday dinner at the University Women's Club.

I get down to the College (to Kathleen's office) every day and in the afternoon I run over to see Cal. He is improving gradually though I think it will be another three weeks before they allow him to leave the Western. He is in fine spirits and not having any distress.

Lottie managed to write a letter to Poss last week. She is in her house with her nurse and feeling the shock of George's passing very much. It was a real shock though partly expected. Mary (Calvert's wife) is not too well. It is likely she may have to go to Boston soon for an examination. I don't think the St John's doctors are too clever at diagnosis. They send many of their patients to Montreal and Boston for clinical treatment.

Art Moore is not yet back at Victoria. It is over a month now. Every spring he comes close to collapse through overwork.

It will soon be your birthday and we were wondering what we would send which would not have you go to the Customs House for appraisal and clearance. You know the way I can cut that Gordian knot. I am sharpening my scissors already, bless your sweet heart!

Your stories are grand. We read them together and you are getting a good deal of acclaim from the readers. The clarity and simplicity of those Bible episodes are refreshing. It seems to me that between the Press, and art, and writing you don't have much reserve time, but make sure of your sleep and cat-naps.

With much love,

Art and Lal
Arthur Phelps had delivered a talk at the University Women's Club. See the letter to Claire Pratt, 25 February 1954.

Bible episodes
Claire had written and illustrated some Bible stories for a special issue of Viola's World Friends.