Victoria College
Toronto, Canada
Feb. 21, 1954

Mrs. Pilkington or rather dear Norah of '29.

Indeed I do remember you and your fine work at Vic and also your Newfoundland and Labrador experiences and 'escapades.' It was a real joy to hear from you

Yes I am 'emeritus' now but though I have more time on my hands, I do miss the loved faces of students. The dinner the Regents gave me and Vi was a highlight in spite of the fact that it was an 'Ave atque Vale' affair.

The Dean gave me Kay's room for this year so I get down every day for mail and Burwash Hall luncheons. Give my love to Kay when she unites at your home. She is bringing honour to the College, indeed to the whole English world of scholarship. I see the mystical face of S.T.C on every wall of the office. He 'hath a glittering eye' all right and he transplants me to another world of shapes and fantasies.

How funny the whole business is. An hour's chat with you and you go to harsh Newfoundland and Labrador. You meet your husband – 'God bless him' and then you 'mosey' off to England.

Vi and I went to Newfoundland last August. We started from Corner Brook on the Northern Ranger voyaged around the Island, reaching Battle Harbour and then turned south to Saint John's paying a visit to St. Anthony where Dr. Curtis was carrying on Grenfell's work. We were shown through his fine hospital, met the doctors and nurses, and were amazed at the developments which your husband would be acquainted with.

My brother Cal is in Toronto and is spending a month in the Western Hospital recuperating from an over-taxed heart. I go to see him every day. He is improving, though he is an 'impatient patient,' pardon the phrase. He wants to get back to the Ottawa Senate of which he is a member, but I tell him that the Senate was made for convalescent individuals.

I had the flue this winter and had to spend a month in the house – a good deal of the time in bed, again on the advice of a conservative doctor. I am feeling fine now though a little weak muscularly. I trust you are well after your own illness. Don't work as hard as you did in '29.

My best regards to you, your husband, and daughters

E.J. Pratt

dinner the Regents gave me
See the letter to Leo Mcauley, 15 November 1953.

'Ave atque Vale'
(Lat.) 'Hail and Farewell.'

Burwash Hall
The dining hall at Victoria College.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

'hath a glittering eye'
Pratt misquotes line 13 of Coleridge's 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner': 'he holds him with his glittering eye.'

Northern Ranger
The Canadian National Railways coastal steamer in which they travelled from Corner Brook up the Great Northern Penninsula and along the coast of Labrador to Hopedale, and then down the east coast of Newfoundland to St. John's (11-23 August).