Feb. 10, 1954

Dear Malcolm:

I am hearing fine things about your book. Many of the boys at my Birthday Stag Saturday night were talking eloquently of it. Thanks for the anticipation of it. Though I have changed my address from 21 Cortleigh Blvd to 47 Glencairn, the safest place is the College as I come down every day for mail, etc. I have had a rather miserable winter being indoors for six weeks with the flu. Feeling better now, but going easy.

My brother Cal is in the Toronto Western Hospital – just when he struck Toronto he was knocked out by a heart [attack], but the doctors managed to get him before the real coronary stuff hit him. It's rest he needs. I go to see him every day. Being a restless person by disposition, he finds lying still pretty monotonous, but it is the only safe prescription.

Best to Lois & family.


your book
Ross's Poetry and Dogma: The Transformation of Eucharist Symbols in Seventeenth-Century England (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgars University Press, 1954) had just been published.