47 Glencairn Ave
Feb. 10, 1954

Dearest Cayke:

Your A magical[?] was excellent. I read it through the second time and liked it as much as the pictures which is saying a lot.

I have just telephoned Cal and he seems to be improving though it will mean three more weeks before he can get out of the Western. They caught him just in time – he had been working away as if he had no operation last June in Montreal. It takes some time to get over an ailment which keeps one in bed for nearly two months. However, they managed to diagnose the case this time before any permanent damage had been done to the heart. We go in to see him every second day.

Your flamingo scarf is so warm that when even it is around the neck it warms my feet, and helps the mild arthritis in the knees. I didn't know colour could radiate so powerfully or be transferred from one sense to another.

I had my birthday party last Saturday night at the York Club. Ten men of the University College English Department came to it and when I got home at midnight I found another party at Bridge – mother, Mrs Barfoot, Mrs Lacey, Mrs. Leslie and Ina. They didn't leave till after one. What a gang! I stayed in the den till they departed, one hour of waiting and I thought I was the late one getting in at 12.

I see you are having jollification down your way.


I suppose Mother told you that Karl is in the Regina hospital again – same kind of clot so Rita says. He has had an unfortunate time of it poor chap.

I haven't heard how Calvert and son are getting along recently, but no news is good news. I am writing Lottie today. I don't know just what she will do now. Floss is going down in March to be with her for a while.

Mother, Kathleen Daykin and I are going to the Alumni lecture on Dylan Thomas in a few minutes. The lecturer is Millar MacLure, our new Assist. Professor in English.

The best of everything to you.


A magical
Something she had written and illustrated.

Approximately 4 lines are deleted, presumably by the recipient.

Calvert and son
Cal Pratt's son and grandson. See the letter to Claire Pratt, 3 February 1954.

what she will do now
His sister's husband had recently died. See the letter to Claire Pratt, 29 January 1954.