47 Glencairn Ave.
[6 Feb. 1954]

Dearest Cayke:

Your two letters came at once.

The proof of the skunks also invaded the house and I actually backed away from them, they were so realistic. The white tails looked like mainsails in a nor easter storm, but I couldn't make out if that mushroom was moving away from the skunkies or the opposite. Both parties, in any case, diverged. It is really a beautiful job you've done. I am sure that this issue will attract a lot of attention – more than usual.

I told you about the scarf and how Miss Waugh (I think it was) turned around and wondered if I was a flamingo, a peacock or Fred Astaire waltzing down the street. It is so warm and colorful and all the more so because I have been wearing colorless thin nylons up-to-date. They are so anaemic compared to that neck wrap.

Did I tell you that the party we gave to the Fryes was in honor of his invitation to give a series of lectures at Princeton University. The Princeton class of 1932 established a lectureship and Frye is the first to receive an invitation. He is to be away for five months.

The new fellows on the staff in English are Knight, MacLure and Kee, none of whom you know. Kay Coburn is away in the U.S.A. and later is going to England.

Tomorrow is Sunday and we have invited Dick Meech up to dinner. Cal was to come but Dr Norman advised him to go the Western Hospital for a check-up. He has been feeling tired, but he doesn't think that there is any particular trouble that a rest won't fix up. He may remain in Toronto for a week. It is probably a fatigue-aftermath of his operation in Montreal last Summer. It is hard to keep him resting – 'idling' he calls it. I was expecting him to be at my stag tonight in the York Club, but that is now impossible. I telephoned him an hour ago and he was quite cheery, going over a blue-print for a cruiser-yacht as he plans to take a coastal trip this coming Summer.

Well, long may the skunkies flourish their fluffy tails!


proof of the skunks
Claire's illustration, published in World Friends magazine. See the letter to Claire Pratt, 20 January 1954.

Princeton University
The four lectures which Frye gave in Princeton in March 1954 were published as The Anatomy of Criticism: Four Essays (Princeton: Princteon University Press, 1957).