47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12
Feb. 5 [1954]

Dear Earle and Esther,

Just a Newfoundland story for the both of you. Vi and I got it when we were in Nfld. last August.

There was an old friend of our family named Tasker Cook who hated to be interrupted at Bridge. The time was just when radio was coming out and people were shouting out the distant places they got on their radios. He was playing with three others one night and the three were holding up the game by exclaiming – 'I got New York this morning. I got London last night. I got San Fransisco' and so ad infinitum. Cook flung down his cards with virulent oaths and added as he left the room in disgust – 'Oh, I put my arse out the window last night and got Chile.' Enough for the present.

Love to Esther and the lad.