47 Glencairn Ave.
Monday [25 Jan. 1954]

Dearest Cayke:

Your letter of the 22nd just came and I am answering it immediately. Mother has gone down to the U.W.C. to introduce today's speaker. She makes about two introductions a week in addition to offering thanks at the end.

Yes, the unveiling went off all right except for the light. I wrote Dona to tell her that the portrait would be hung in the reading room of the Library and now Wilf James says he is going to remove mine from the dingy quarters of the second floor of the College and put it opposite Pelham's – which satisfies me no end. Some visitor guided by Irving through the Victoria halls recently remarked that the 'gallery' looked like a collection of 'tortured misspent personalities.' I shall be glad to be out of it.

We gave the Fryes a buffet supper Saturday night. Nineteen persons came – all of my English Department. After the supper we put a number of Newfoundland records on the gramophone – 'The Squid Jiggin Ground,' the Kelligrew's Soiree, 'We rant and roar like true Newfoundlanders.' They were funny and Ruth Jenking almost split her sides at the quaint idioms.

I forgot to mention in my last letter that Harriet Rouillard is going to Boston early in February. She goes by train and will take a little parcel for you.

We are quite thrilled over the prospect of an exhibition next summer. We think the house will be the best place as the vacation will empty the College anyway. When things get ripe we can get the invitations out.

Ewart was up here recently on business. We had lunch with him at the King Edward. Your Uncle Cal may be here in early Feb., but he is not sure as he may have to go to England. That travelling business doesn't appeal to me ecstatically.

We are having a mild spell after zero weather last week. The quicker the winter goes the better I'll like it. However, there has been on the whole an astonishing lack of snow. The Telegram reporter rang me up last week to find out if I thought snow beautiful. I said it is beautiful on trees but hellishly awful in a driveway. She actually put in the comment which had people laughing and telephoning. There are two points of view, perhaps more.

With much love,
(of the Basilian Order).

Of Claire's woodcuts and sketches.