47 Glencairn Ave.
[20 Jan. 1954]

Dearest Claire:

I didn't get a chance to see the skunks. The letter was addressed to your mother and I didn't recognize the handwriting. She says the drawings are very fine and she sent them off before I returned from the College. More power to you though I must say that the subject was scarcely attar of roses.

I am feeling fine again now, have spent most of the day at the College in Kay's office. I had lunch with Malcolm Wallace in the York Club. He is gloomy as ever, quite, quite bored. He says he gets up at 9, finishes breakfast at 10, reads the Globe & Mail; finishes that at 11, answers his correspondence at 12; has lunch, then meditates or looks at the [..]e [...]s most of the afternoon; goes curling sometimes in the evening and so to bed.

He is waiting now for the spring and will resume golfing if I do. If I don't he'll repeat the winter round. It was good, however, to see him and talk about the old days.

Our house is very warm and satisfactory and, as you know, very convenient to the car line.

Last night I addressed the Newfoundland Group of the Library Association on the Titanic – my first lecture since November. I didn't feel tired and the audience seemed very interested. The CBC put it on for the Ontario schools a month ago and now they contemplate putting it on over the network on the Wednesday Night Program. It seems to go with the students the best of all my work – the notes are voluminous.

Our love to you

Glad you received the 500.00 draft. Excuse my pen, it is running dry.

Illustrations by Claire for her mother's magazine, World Friends.

Kay's office
He was using Kay Coburn's office.