47 Glencairn Ave.
[18 Jan. 1954]

Dearest Cayke:

Your letter dated last Tuesday just came this morning. [...]

What snow storms! No, we didn't have the Bostonian avalanches. The Ontario storm courteously avoided Toronto. It looked almost intentional, to make a pocket out of this city. Still we have had some – enough to show that April is not here yet.

I suppose mother told you about the unveiling on Saturday. About fifty people turned out and Pelham looked as if he were speaking to me. Allan Barr was very pleased at the tributes paid when many people said it was the finest portrait coming out of Canada in many years, and I believe it.

I am picking up after a month of it. In a little time I hope to be able to kick the other occupant around the flat in a soft good-natured way. I shall wear bed-room slippers, to make certain my exuberance doesn't go beyond bounds.

I am still occupying Kay Coburn's office. It gives me a good chance to be near the library and to my staff-friends. It does seem funny, however, to see hundreds of students going to and fro and not to recognize one except the odd fourth year member.

We got a letter today from Dona Edgar. As you know she had to go back to the Beck Sanatorium at London, Ont. I have just written her telling her all about the unveiling. She seems to be improving and hopes to get out before long.

We are getting rather weary of the winter already. We hug the house a lot. Thank goodness, the flat is quite warm and there are no long walks from the house to the steel cars.

With much love,

Approximately 1.5 lines deleted, presumably by the recipient.

a month of it