47 Glencairn Ave
Wed. [13 Jan. 1954]



Don't overwork yourself to the point of fatigue. Yes, my beard has suffered in length recently. I did look like the mighty Abdul the Bulbul Amir a week ago. Now I have satin cheeks.

Wasn't it too bad that I had the flu when you were here? I had planned on riotous parties. Nevertheless there's Easter ahead.

The flu has been hitting a lot of people in Toronto. Art Moore (the President) has been in for three weeks with a septic throat. So at the first sign of tiredness – rest.

The school broadcast came off but as it was in the forenoon neither one of us heard it. We were told that it was successful enough. They dramatized the Titanic for 30 minutes. Earl Grey produced it over the CBC.

That fire must have been a big shock to you. What a dreadful thing to happen!

Are you having snow and frost in Boston as we are getting it here? Give me May and September anytime.

Much love to you.

Approximately 4 lines deleted, presumably by the recipient.

Abdul the Bulbul Amir
Title character in a ballad written by Percy French during the Russian-Turkish War (1877-8):

The sons of the Prophet were hardy and bold
And quite unaccustom'd to fear.
But the bravest of all, at least so I am told–
Was Abdullah Bul Bul Ameer.
In the 1940s, the song inspired a cartoon short, to which Pratt is referring here.

Earl Grey
The Earl Grey Players, a Toronto theatrical group.

One of Claire's colleagues at Harvard University Press had died in a fire at New Year's.