Tuesday [Summer 1953]

Dear Art and just as dear Lal:

Allah and Yahweh and Confucius salute thee in one harmonious breath.

Yes. We shall be delighted to be with you next Tuesday. We shall drive the char to Whitby, settling in about noon. Where in 'ell do we go? What street & what number? Will your Salanic majesties inform us as we don't want to land up in a bog six miles distant and be pulled out by an effete Motor League.

Art, we listen in every time we get a chance to your chairmaning of the symposium – great, lively stuff.

And thanks again for coming on that Board. It's prestige we're after and yours is Dominion wide.

Love and kisses from both of us to Lal and a hearty slap on the backside for yourself.


The dating provided here is determined by the letter's contents and its return address: the Pratts had moved into 47 Glencairn Avenue in April 1953.

The family car is jokingly referred to as a 'char ô banc' or bus.

Phelps was working in the English Department at McGill University (1947-53). The family was likely visiting relatives in Whitby.