47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12
Ont. Canada
[early Dec. 1953]

Sweet singer:

It was so good to hear that telephone ring just after the last magpie left at 11 + pm. The chatter was enormous, continuous, and characteristic. It never let up for a minute and I was longing to get some rest in the adjoining room in my fashion. But their hearts were good – that must be conceded.

There were Mary and May and Myrtle and Margaret – all the ms.

I am feeling finer now though Dr Norman insists I must stay in for another week.

Jack Kent Cooke came through yesterday, so you may expect something at the end of the next week. I am also paying mother for her care and more of yours so it will work like a combined Xmas gift.

Your Xmas card is wonderful and drew the finest comments from four gatherings – not this time magpies but real artist.

Whenever the fit seizes keep burbling in dulcet tones through the phone.