47 Glencairn Ave
[early Dec. 1953]


Your letter [came] this morning with the account of the menu which made my mouth water. How can we hope to rival that at the Christmas dinner which we are planning to have for you? Would you like to name a couple of guests or three or so, to make up a mid-day party. I am going to buy a turkey hung well in advance – probably about fifteen pounds in weight, so you can stuff yourselves completely – the afternoon nap will come most early after it.

Did your mother tell you that the beautiful musk-rat coat is to be given to you should it be your size? If it isn't, then we'll have to spend a rush morning trying to locate one suitable. If it is I shall give mother a Xmas present of another. Think over these things with your usual profound sagacity and let me know.


As both your mother and I told you a lot about the bazaar there is no reason to give further details. Did I mention Pash's moustache a foot long? I think I did. If not, just imagine it. I was afraid it would send the guests home precipitately.

Glad you heard from the Bushes at last. Doug wrote me recently that they tried to locate you but found it difficult.

Your Uncle Cal will be up again soon though it is scarcely likely it will be around Christmas time. Jim is not any better unfortunately. It is years now, poor fellow. It is a terrible drain on the family.

Well, bless you, Sweetheart. Don't get wet feet.

The menu for an American Thanksgiving dinner.

Approximately 4 lines deleted, presumably by the recipient.