Victoria College
Thursday [17 Nov. 1953]

Dear Lorne:

As Bill asked me to convey to you his appreciation I am sending along his letter which you may return to me when read.

The P.E. Fund is growing. We shall have no difficulty in reaching the $500 mark perhaps more. I got hold of Dick Meech yesterday. He will give $25.00. All the cheques are made out to Margaret Ray in Trust for the P.E. Portrait Fund.

The best ever to you.

Pierce had proposed a testimonial dinner to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of Deacon's joining the Mail and Empire and to acknowledge publicly his contribution to Canadian letters. At Pierce's suggestion Pratt had sounded him out on the proposal. Deacon had declined.

P.E. Fund
The Pelham Edgard Portrait Fund. See the letter to Desmond Pacey, 18 November 1953.