47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto, 12
Wednesday [28 Oct. 1953]

Dearest Cayke:

Your letter just arrived and we were delighted that you were settled in your new quarters. Take your time getting things placed. I spent a lot of time scrutinizing your diagram of the flat. What amused me most was the drawing of the bathroom with the note and arrow underneath – the latter being 'Ned to go here.' I called in your mother to explain the joke and she corrected Ned to Bed. Wasn't that funny? We are laughing yet for it did look like 'Ned.'

Dorothy Henderson telephoned us the other day to say that Roland Hayes is to give a concert in Boston soon and she is writing him to send you 2 tickets as soon as he gets your new address. Hayes said he would like you to go up and see him at the end of the recital and declare yourself. He is lovely.

I am telephoning Dorothy in a few minutes to give her your address. She is writing Hayes.

Also, Kay Coburn is going to be in Boston some time and wants your address which I am sending her.

Tom Costain sends me all his books with affectionate greetings. The Chalice is meeting with a fine reception. All the book stores are featuring it. He is a most endearing fellow but I am afraid he is exhausting himself with continuous production. He is now writing a history of Canada.

Don't skimp yourself to save work – you know what I mean.

Much love,
Father Ned

(Sounds like R.C.)

Don't forget to write all your correspondents giving your new address – particularly the Dominion govt. annuities office.

Roland Hayes
See the letter to Claire Pratt, 27 September 1953.