47 Glencairn Ave
Tuesday [20 Oct. 1953]

Dearest Duck:

Your letter came yesterday morning with its news about the conjectural apartment. It looks like a good idea though the job of furnishing it may be a bit difficult. I hope you will have help in the moving, etc.

I told you that Hincks and his Mental Health Association made me Chairman of the Toronto Branch – What a Chairman! I suppose I address the Branch in the following fashion – 'Gentlemen: at the beginning of the fiscal year I wish to submit to you this agenda – ah phooey!'

Here are the names of some of the Board under my excellent Chairmanship – Malcolm Wallace (whose cap comes off every time he drives a golf ball – it did this morning), the Right Honourable Arthur Meighen, Sid Smith, Dick Meech, Jimmie Stewart (General Manager of the Bank of Commerce), L.W. Brockington, Cal Pratt, J.S. McLean, Cecil Cannon (otherwise known as Deputy Minister of Education for Ontario or Cease Fire) – cute isn't it? Billy McLaughlin, the Honourable Leopold Macaulay, and so on and so on.

I preside over dinners and get fellows like the above to be present, and later pronouncing inanities and devout generalisations about the financial status of the country and the need of reforming mental hospitals, though most of us on the Board are more or less cuckoo ourselves. However, the big thing is to put up a bold front, in other words starched shirts and black ties at dinner.

I think I told you how fine your poem and illustrations are for World Friends. Several people have sent in their congratulations through telephone. It perfectly suits the magazine. I love the rhythms and the sentiment.

So long now and don't work too hard.

Most lovingly,
(Damn the dove)

His full baptismal name included Dove, after the minister who baptized him. It had been dropped by the family while he was still a boy, because of an offence against his church committed by the namesake.