Monday [12 Oct. 1953]
Canadian Thanksgiving Day
Not quite 10 a.m.


Your uncle Cal came in last Friday and I gave a stag for him at the York Club with about twenty guests – the number I wanted to get on the Board of the Toronto Branch of the Ontario Division of the National Health Association of Canada. This runs me out of ofs. Said association pays the – shot of the dinner.

Cal and Clare Hincks were the guests, Clare making the main speech expounding the aims of the association, and my job now, as Chairman of the Board, is to get the consent of the twenty members of the stag to become members of the Board. As I told you before, I get a monthly stipend. I think I'll make a heck of a Chairman, presiding over the transaction of business, but I may throw them off the track by telling them stories of my connection with Abnormal Psychology in the U. of T. before I went over to Victoria to examine other 'patients.'

After dinner we repaired to the main sitting room to talk about our early experiences and tell jokes.

Cal is off to New York now, returning on Thursday for two or three days.

Tonight we have Thanksgiving dinner at Floss's. Marjorie and Alice Fenwick are calling for us in their new car. I have eaten a hearty breakfast, so I shall have a very light lunch to make room for the turkey – get me?

Nora Cochrane phoned last night. She expects a letter from you some time soon.

I also got a nice letter from Cécile de Banke acknowledging Ruth's review of her Shakespeare book which delighted her no end. It appeared in the Canadian Forum.

Tomorrow night is Charter Night and I have to give an address at the dinner preceding the function – subject, Newfoundland. It will be mainly stories, reminiscences, etc.

We have been working at the house, getting chairs in shape. Pash upholstered one. Your mother painted the four white kitchen chairs and I sandpapered one. We are now putting books in order. On Sunday we drove down to my office (Kay Coburn's) and classified mine, some of which Peggy will buy. Distribution (ha-ha!) soon.

I am enclosing Carol's letter. She made out a million or less to send them along to her friends.

More later,


The National Mental Health Association.

monthly stipend
Of $100.00.

Shakespeare book
Ruth Jenking's review of de Banke's Shakespearean Stage Production, Then and Now (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1954), in Canadian Forum (July 1953).

Charter Night
An annual event, marked by a dinner and other observances, to commemorate the granting of a charter to Victoria University in 1841.