47 Glencairn Ave
[15 Sept. 1953]


Your letters arrived yesterday.

I have just sent off a letter to Cal asking him to be present at a Ned Pratt-Clare Hincks dinner on Oct. 9. Those who are coming enthusiastically are J.S. McLean (Canada Packers), Jimmie Stewart (General Manager of the Bank of Commerce), Eve Holmes (Manager of the Toronto Branch of the same bank), Sir Ellsworth Flavelle, Dick Meech (of Loblaws), Malcolm Wallace, Arthur Meighen, Ray Birks whom I coached in Ethics away back in 1911 in "Ethics" (no less). He is now a big Corporation Lawyer. Cecil Cannon (of the Board of Education) and about a dozen others. We are to have Filet Mignon and Roast Beef plus Yorkshire Pudding, Peach Melba and Coffee. If you were here I'd put a little of the 'Melba' in my pocket for you and a cup of Nescafé contingent on safe transportation.

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