47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto, Ont.
Sept, 5, 1952[3]

Dearest Cayke:

The Canada Life notice came this morning and I am forwarding it at once. Also I'm sending a few blank cheques in case you have exhausted your supply.

Well, the heatwave is over today with 65 to 70 degrees. A wonderful relief! I notice that it has also come to Boston. How did you stand it at all?

The Talents are meeting next Saturday at our house when your mother gives a lecture on the Newfoundland trip. It is 50 cents a throw. Three men are invited Chris Love, Hume Daykin and I. I am contributing 50 cents, all in coppers for fun.

Will write again in a day or two.


'52 has a line drawn through it and '53 is written beside it. Possibly corrected by Claire Pratt.

The Talents Service Club was founded in January 1952 by Dorothy Knight, Ida Pashley and Marian Whytall, and Claire Pratt was one of 12 charter members. Members were called on to use their 'talents' to raise money for people who were in need but could not appeal to any established agency for assistance. The Club was a great success, growing to about 35 members, with Eddie Cantor serving as its honourary president.