47 Glencairn Ave
[4 Sept. 1953]

Dearest Cayke:

Today is Friday. Mother and Ruth Jenking are going to the C.N. Exhibition and I'm going down to the College to arrange books and things and make ready to occupy Kay Coburn's office for the year. She is going to England in two weeks on the Coleridge business. My office is to be jointly occupied by David Knight and Ken Kee. Things are changing all over the place all right.

The latest piece of news is that Clare Hincks has asked me to be Chairman of the Toronto Branch of the Mental Hygiene Committee. I told him I would be a hell of a chairman but he assured me that all I had to do was to hold dinners at the York Club with 'influential' friends who might become patrons and donors for the Committee – like Brockington, J.S. MacLean, Cal (when he comes to Toronto), Sid Smith and the like.

I made a fine collection of stories when I was in Nfld and some of them I shall tell at the opening dinner early in October. How to relate them to Mental Hygiene is a problem in ingenuity. The stories are crazy anyway, so they are relevant in that respect.

Mother's pictures of Nfld scenes and people came out very well indeed. I think she is sending you some.

So it is economics, is it? I hope it won't be too taxing on you. I hope also you know more about the subject than I do, for to me it is a matter of making out tax returns – complicated enough!

Get as much rest as you can and take care of your eyes.


Coleridge business
See the reference to 'Coleridge mss.' in the letter to Claire Pratt, 22 October 1954.

Mental Hygiene Committee
[sic] The Board of the Toronto branch of the Ontario division of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Claire had returned to postgraduate studies in Boston.