47 Glencairn Ave
Sept. 2, 1953

Dearest Cayke:

Excuse the pencil but it is easier to write with in a temperature of 96, the hottest day yet, and the ink sweats.

I am picking up a fair amount in broadcasting and special lecturing. The 'Spike' broadcast at Edinburgh will be coming in soon. I don't know the exact amount but it will be fairly substantial.

We are glad that you have that Press job half-time. It will give you afternoons for painting, playing Canasta and naps and reflections on the state of the nation. Since naps is the most important item on this agenda, give the item your most religious and scrupulous consideration. In this fail not.

We have been recounting our Newfoundland experiences to our friends.

Your Uncle Cal wrote to say that Ches Pippy advised you to keep the stamps for an indefinite period, especially the sheet containing the one-cent stamps. In the middle the one cent is spelled cente, with an extra e. That makes the stamp valuable. We shall keep all of them for you for your collection. [...]


Two lines illegible.