c/o C.C. Pratt
Waterford Bridge Road
[St John's, Nfld]
August 4, 1953

Dearest Cayke:

I suppose you got into Cambridge before we arrived at St John's. Wasn't it a bit of a shock to hear the clerk shout out through the loud speaker – 'Passenger Pratt wanted at the Customs' Office.' I thought of all things like smuggling, false returns or straight neglect, but your reappearance was reassuring. I hope you had a good trip and that the 'black magic' wasn't run down completely when you tried to start the motor.

We are living in the lap of luxury here. Rose had a roast turkey (cold) for dinner at 8 p.m., followed by raspberries and Devonshire cream.

Then yesterday Ewart took us down to Bally-haly Golf Club for lunch. Today we have lunch at Yvonne's and dinner at Gwenyth's. Jim came up to see us last night. He looked far better than I anticipated though his forebodings were as dismal as usual. Cal is improving fast and is almost normal in activity. Yesterday afternoon after the Club lunch, Cal and little Calvert (the grandson) went fishing. It was the fulfilment of six months of expectation. The little fellow promised me one trout if he should catch two. To the disappointment of grandad and grandson they didn't get a bite but they had the satisfaction of boiling the kettle anyway. They are to go again after our trip around the island.

We leave here tomorrow afternoon at 5 and arrive at Corner Brook Thursday at 3, where we stay till the following Tuesday. The whole trip takes three weeks and we plan to leave St. John's about the 28th of August.

The weather is a bit muggy, heavy thunderstorms occurring after three weeks of a dry spell.

You should see the raspberry patch in Cal's garden – enough berries for the household and all the neighbours. Our 21 Cortleigh patch would need a microscope to see it in comparison. The whole place is wonderful – flowers, shrubs, trees, lawns, fountains – everything. The famous South Side Hills are just made for you and your paints. I could almost draw them myself – at least to distinguish them from whales for the sake of the observer.

When you write, address c/o C.C. P. Waterford Bridge Road and mail will be forwarded though it will take some time in transportation. Oho! my pen is running dry and I haven't any Parkers 51 in the house.

Much love
Father away off

'black magic'
Claire referred to her car as 'B.M.' and her father enjoyed thinking of what the initials might stand for. See the letter to Claire Pratt, 14 February 1953.

C.C. P.
Calvert C. Pratt [Cal].