47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12
Sunday [27 June 1953]

Dearest Cayke:

It was good to hear your chimes over the phone yesterday though I was in the next room. It was a sweet tinkle with a charming undertone.

We are at home today though your mother expects to go visit with Mary Eddis at 4 o'clock to see Hazel.

Would you kindly buy me a pair of ear-stoppers and bring them with you when you come home in July (the pen is beginning to scratch and I am borrowing your mother's). Not that the noise here bothers me much for I am getting used to it but occasionally a motor-horn at night awakens the city. The enclosed will buy the stoppers. If there is any left over you can put it down to the credit of the radio.

We went out to York Downs the other evening for dinner. It is lovely out there. I shall see to it that you will be shaded under the elms several times while you are getting inspiration for some Michael Angelo lines etc., etc.

Your York Downish father.

York Downs
A private golf course in Unionville, Ontario.

Viola added a note, which reads in part as follows:

I asked your father to tell you all the news. I see he hasn't told you much. He didn't mention the very swish C.A.A. party and dinner at which he received the Gov-General's Gold Medal for The Last Spike, and which was the occasion of his picture in the paper – nor that we went to Le Moulin Rouge last night and were entranced by it ... Yesterday I was at a trousseau tea for Barbara Hincks who is to be married next month, and is going to live in Bourlemanque. Afterwards I drove past our house and saw a television aerial atop it. Who would have thought that 21 Cortleigh would inaugurate T.V. on our section of the street.