47 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto 12
June 25/53

Dearest Cayke:

We got back on Tuesday evening safe and sound. Today I went down to the Stratford Festival agency and got three tickets for Wednesday evening July 15th (Richard III). Fine seats. We thought R III would be best as most of the other tickets were sold and away back in the theatre, and the accommodation overnight was difficult to secure. We would leave Toronto on Wednesday morning and get into Stratford nice and early. I am to hear from the agency soon as to the motel we are to occupy – as near to the theatre as possible. We would return then on Thursday morning. The manager said there was no hotel accommodation left, but the hotel proprietors were looking after the guests.

We sent a night telegram to Cal last night that we would be leaving on August 1 by air and spend most of August in Nfld.

It will be grand to have you with us for a couple of weeks or until we go to Nfld.


night telegram
The telegram read as follows:

Just received your letter of the tenth today on return from Boston to visit Claire. Our earliest flight from Toronto to St. John's is August 1 as we must be in Toronto July 31 since Claire will be visiting us from July 13 to end of month. We can stay in Nfld through most of August. Keenly anticipating being with you. Ned.